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Root Canal Treatment

We will help save your natural teeth with root canal treatments, whenever possible.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals help save a tooth which has severely damaged and/or infected nerves by removing the nerves of a tooth. Since the functions of the nerves in a tooth are only sensory, the root canal procedure does not harm the functionality of the tooth in any way.

Root canal treatments are done in three parts and may require up to three visits. The root canal treatment starts by removing the diseased portion of the tooth and nerves. This is followed by cleaning and sealing the interior of the tooth, which then receives a filling to complete the process. In certain instances, it may be necessary to add a crown, if the tooth is structurally weak.

Root Canal Retreatment

A root canal retreatment may become necessary if the tooth does not heal properly after the initial root canal treatment. The retreatment of the canal allows the dentist to address this problem by removing the existing crown (if present), and redoing the root canal treatment (as described above), while addressing any problems that the initial treatment may have had. If the tooth previously had a crown, it is replaced after the root canal retreatment is complete.

Pulpotomy & Pulpectomy (root canal treatment for baby teeth)

Pulpotomy is a procedure which removes damaged portions of a tooth’s nerve tissue. The procedure is similar to a root canal, but removes significantly less nerve tissue, which is generally confined to the pulp within the crown of the tooth.

In addition to offering pulpotomy treatment, Eyvazi Dental also provides pulpectomy for primary (baby) teeth. This procedure is usually used to save a tooth until it is ready to fall out, because if a baby tooth is extracted, the gap will cause the permanent teeth to come in an undesirable way which can cause problems with the child’s bite.

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