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Orthodontic Treatments

Keep your teeth looking good by customized traditional braces or Invisalign® corrective trays

Orthodontic Treatments, Braces, and Invisalign®

Orthodontic treatments offered by Eyvazi Dental include Invisalign®, as well as traditional braces. Orthodontic treatments have benefits beyond the aesthetic improvements—they can also address problems such as teeth crowding, cross-bites, under- or over-bite, some breathing or swallowing problems, and jaw and jaw joint pain or sensitivity.

Depending on the needs of each patient, we will customize a orthodontic treatment plan to address all areas of concern, both medical and aesthetic.

Traditional Wire Braces

Traditional wire braces are the most common way of treating crooked or misaligned teeth. There are a variety of braces which include one or more fixed or removable corrective appliances. This variety allows for the high level of customization which is required to treat each specific condition, as each patient needs unique treatment.

Depending on how severe the problem with the teeth of patient, the length of time that braces will be required varies. Generally, patients can expect to wear traditional metal braces for one to three years. The braces will require monthly or bi-monthly appointments for evaluation and adjustment.

Invisalign® Corrective Trays

Invisalign® was developed to address the concern some people have about the aesthetic impact braces can have on a person’s smile. To deal with this problem, Invisalign® uses custom-designed aligning trays which gradually adjust the positioning of the patient’s teeth with little aesthetic impact during the treatment, as the trays are made of transparent plastic.

Invisalign® can correct most of the problems that braces can, but without the need for metal braces. Another benefit that Invisalign® trays offer is that they are completely removable.

If you are interested in learning more about your options, please get in touch or ask us during your next visit.

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